Antonia Proka

Community energy, Renewable energy, Participatory energy planning, Business models

QUOTE “Energy and climate challenges cannot be addressed through technological innovation alone; there is a need for a fundamental change in the way we think, act and organise regarding energy.”
COMPANY/POSITION, Project manager
SECTOR Community energy, Renewable energy, Participatory energy planning
BASED IN Brussels, Belgium
LANGUAGES Greek, English, Spanish, Dutch, (limited) French
SHORT BIO Antonia Proka is in charge of community organising and capacity building in the LIFE LOOP project, launched to connect citizens and their local authorities to work together to develop community energy projects and achieve their clean and just energy objectives. Antonia has previously been coordinating the European Citizen Energy Academy, which supported the development of gender-just citizen energy communities in Southeast Europe. Antonia has also supported the development of the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat, an Initiative of the European Commission to decarbonize the EU islands with the active participation of the island communities. For this, she has built on her experience in Transition Management. Antonia has also been responsible for the community building and training of the island communities. Antonia holds a PhD from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Dutch Research Institute of Transitions on the topic of the (self-)organisation of renewable energy initiatives and their impact on the energy transition.

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