Electromechanical Engineer and Physicist

QUOTE In search of negawatts
COMPANY/POSITION R&D team coordinator, GoiEner
SECTOR EU projects on strengthening the role of citizens in the energy system (energy communities, flexibility, aggregation, P2P, heat/cold…), energy efficiency (building renovation), distributed generation and storage, sustainable mobility…, towards a democratic and just clean-energy transition.
BASED IN Donostia/San Sebastian
Chris Merveille
chris.merveille@goiener.comTwitter: @cmerveille
LANGUAGES Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, French, (some) Basque
SHORT BIO Chris holds a degree in electromechanical engineering and a PhD in Physics. He has extensive experience as project manager from various European high-tech SMEs, including collaborative European research. He is currently coordinating the European R&D projects team at GoiEner, a citizen renewable-energy cooperative in the north of Spain.

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