Christos Vrettos

Communications, Writing, Networking, Facilitation, Consulting

QUOTE The cleanest form of energy is the one you don’t use
COMPANY/POSITION Electra Energy Cooperative
Communications Manager
SECTOR Energy, Climate, Social Justice
BASED IN Athens (GR), Brussels (BE)
Chris Vrettos
LANGUAGES Greek, English, Spanish
SHORT BIO Vrettos is currently conducting a traineeship at the European Parliament. He is a master’s graduate from Stockholm Resilience Center with a degree on “Social Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development”. He’s also working for Electra Energy Cooperative, a social enterprise that promotes the active engagement of citizens in renewable energy production in Greece, the Balkans and abroad. He has worked in multiple research programs as an assistant, on topics such as climate smart farming and the EU Green Deal. He’s interested in journalism and has written for various Greek newspapers.

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