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Greek pilot roadmap

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What do you think about the value chain of our Greek case? How can we improve it?

Posted : 24/10/2022 4:11 pm
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In order to ''train'' new generation in biomass utilization, and as there are plans for installations in local building, ESEK can involve students in residues collection (installation of collector-bin) and train them, organising trips and training days on their facilities!  

Posted : 07/12/2022 2:35 pm
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Dear Andomachi, First of all, thank you for the great advice!!! I would like to inform you that the energy community has already organized a training event at the University of Thessaly in the context of the undergraduate course <<introduction of bioeconomy>>. We’ve made a thorough presentation of the utilization of residual biomass, issues of circular bioeconomy and supply chain which gained the interest of the students. Here you can find the link of the training action in the auditorium of the University.


We have the intention to perform more training days in the near future!! 


Additional, other educational structures such us universities, professional high schools and training centers have performed educational visits in the biomass plant and informed about the exploitation of the biomass and the production of solid biofuels.


Attached you can find additional photo!!!

Posted : 10/12/2022 1:18 pm

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