Declaration of Acceptance for the NoI & Expert Panel

(for individuals appointed as members of the BECoop NoI & Expert Panel)


I, the undersigned,

certify that I have read and and agree to abide by the BECoop Expert Panel Terms of Reference.
I pledge that I will participate in the BECoop NoI & Expert Panel in my individual capacity and as such, I may not delegate another person to carry out the work or be replaced by any other person without prior written agreement with the BECoop consortium.
I certify that no conflict of interests exists that could be considered as prejudicial to my independence in acting as a member of the BECoop Expert Panel.
I undertake not to divulge any information given in the context of the work of the NoI & Expert Panel, unless the BECoop consortium agrees to release me from this obligation, and to respect the confidentiality requirements.
I declare to accept entirely and with no reservations my appointment as BECoop NoI & Expert Panel member as described in the Terms of Reference.
I consent that any input or contribution I provide as a member of the BECoop NoI & Expert Panel may be used by the BECoop consortium for reporting purposes or to align the services and tools offered by BECoop with the needs of final users to ensure that they make the most out of its value propositions.
I consent to the processing of my personal data needed for my participation in the BECoop NoI & Expert Panel. A detailed description of how BECoop handles personal data is presented in the project’s Privacy Policy available through the project’s web page at

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The ambition of BECoop is to provide the necessary conditions and technical as well as business support tools for unlocking the underlying market potential of community bioenergy, fostering new links and partnerships.

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