Magdalena Zatonska

Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development,
Preservation of Biodiversity

QUOTE “I live with respect for nature – it’s our home”
COMPANY/POSITION Municipal Office in Oborniki Slaskie,
Environmental Protection Specialist
SECTOR Environmental education, activities to improve air quality and to protect natural resources and biodiversity.
BASED IN Oborniki Slaskie Commune, Trzebnica Poviat, Wolow Poviat, Wroclaw, Poland
Magdalena Zatonska
LANGUAGES Polish, English
SHORT BIO Experience in the field of environmental impact assessment procedures and proper waste management. Activities for the elimination of low emissions in rural areas. Implementation of projects in the field of environmental education, preparation of documentation for the purposes of issuing decisions/permits related to environmental protection. As a municipal energy advisor, she supports projects related to the generation of energy from renewable sources (RES). Social activist in the field of air quality improvement.

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