Membership and Operation

The NoI shall be composed of actors across the community bioenergy value chain coming from diverse backgrounds to offer a blend of expertise that represents various groups of stakeholders. These experts will provide BECoop with valuable feedback aimed at aligning the project’s outcomes with the needs of stakeholders. Membership will remain open for the duration of the project and the selection criteria are:

  • Expertise in Community Bioenergy and/or RESCoops
  • Experience in Community Bioenergy and/orRESCoops
  • Interest for participation/involvement/partnership in Energy Communities

Although members of the NoI may be selected because of their affiliations with key organizations, they serve on the NoI in their individual capacity to represent the interests and views of their stakeholder communities. Members of the NoI may not delegate another person to carry out the role expected from them or be replaced by any other person. Members of the NoI are appointed for the entire duration of the project (till October 2023).
The contribution of NoI members is on a pro bono basis, apart from the cases in which physical travel is involved and a specific budget for their reimbursement is foreseen in the framework of the project. In such cases, the travel and accommodation expenses of NoI members will be reimbursed by the project. Moreover, participation in the NoI is entirely voluntary. There will be no adverse consequences if an NoI member decides not to participate or to withdraw at any stage. In fact, NoI members may withdraw their participation at any time by informing the NoI Manage. They may also request for their data to be withdrawn without giving a reason and without prejudice. Anonymous data already collected will be used because this information cannot be traced back to a specific person, but no further data or input will be collected, nor any other procedure will be carried out in relation to the specific member.

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