Nikos Damatis

Sustainable Biomass Valorisation, Bioenergy, Bioeconomy, Pellet Production, Biochar and CDR, Value Chain Mobilisation

QUOTE “The development of a transcending cooperation culture is the key element to the success of biomass valorisation projects”
COMPANY/POSITION Hellenic Biomass Association (HellaBiom)
SECTOR Bioenergy, Bioeconomy
BASED IN Athens, Greece
Nikos Damatis
LANGUAGES Greek, English, French, German
SHORT BIO Mr. Nikos Damatis is a Production & Management Engineer (MSc Warwick University, UK) and a biomass energy and bioeconomy business development professional, with career within the renewable energy and environmental sectors. Over the years he has acquired and developed cross-functional bioenergy and biomass processing knowledge, skills and experience at various degrees of responsibility. He is a team-player and eager to contribute in further promoting and developing the key role of sustainable biomass valorisation for a global renewable energy future.

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