Vasilis Filipou

Forest Engineer, Wood Science & Technology, Circular Bioeconomy, Pellet production, biomass analysis

QUOTE “…the most sustainable energy comes from citizens…
COMPANY/POSITION Energy Community of Karditsa
Project manager / member of board of directors
SECTOR EU projects: Energy, Environment, Bioeconomy
Biomass plant: Production manager
BASED IN Karditsa, Greece
Vasileios Filippou
LANGUAGES Greek, English
SHORT BIO Mr. Vasileios Filippou (male) holds a PhD in the field of wood science, and a BSc in environmental sciences and in particular in the field of biomass harvesting and technology of forest products. During his MSc’s degree, the aim of his thesis was the study of utilization of logging residues for pellet production and specific the adequacy of raw material for this purpose. Mr. Filippou have many publications in the field of solid biofuels in national and international conferences and journals. He has worked in 3 national funded projects in the field of solid biofuels and wood technology and 1 European horizon project in the field of bioenergy. Currently he is a project manager at the energy community of Karditsa. He began his professional career as a production manager in the solid biofuel plant of the Energy community. For the last almost 5 years he is responsible for the pellet production while he is involved in laboratory tests for the pellet quality.

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